The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is a mainline Protestant denomination headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The ELCA officially came into existence on January 1, 1988, by the merging of three Lutheran church bodies

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    Learning about the Bible http://www.enterthebible.org

    Book of Faith http://www.bookoffaith.org


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    Crossroads Campus Ministry of MSU, Mankato


  • The ELCA has drafted a statement based on the study the ELCA Task Force released in August of 2016 and the many responses from those who read and studied it.  It represents the task force's initial attempt to formulate a social statement, and it is intended to encourage deliberation on what this church should say about the pressing issues of sexism and patriarchy.  It expresses the best thinking of the task force to date, although not all task force members necessarily agree with every word in the document. 

    The ELCA is requesting responses from synod members.  This response period lasts until Sept. 30, 2018.  Responses may be sent to the task force by using the online form at bit.ly/womendandjusticedraft or the form a the back of the printed statement.

    Click here to download a  draft of this statement. 

    For Further information visit the following website: ELCA.org/womenandjustice

    A limited amount of printed copies are available in the back of the Church Sanctuary.

  • Lutheran Disaster Response: U.S. Flooding and U.S. Tornadoes

    Do you want to help with Disaster Relief? 100% of gifts go to those directly affected by the flooding or tornado damage. You are welcome to mail your donation directly to Lutheran Disaster Response, drop it off at the Church or donate on-line @ https://www.elca.org/Our-Work/Relief-and-Development/Lutheran-Disaster-Response/