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  A $1000 scholarship shall be awarded to a student who has been accepted into any

post-secondary school and/or who is attending as a full-time student.  

Students who apply must be a member of Trinity Lutheran Church, Blue Earth.  

Students not previously selected may reapply during succeeding years in college.

   Application forms are available in the church office.  The application and references must be returned to the church office before February 1, 2024, to be considered for this scholarship.

  • Scholarship Application

    Please click here for the  Application Document,

  • Past Recipients

    2023 - Abram Kokos

    2022 - Marissa Benz and Ella Survis

    2021 - Téa Armstrong

    2020 - Grant Strukel

    2019 - Parker Kienitz

    Reagan Howard (2018), Matthew Meier (2017),  Lacey Benz (2016),  Nick Shure (2015),  

    Audrey McDonald (2014),  Nick Beattie (2013),  Kristine Volz (2012), Maddie McDonald (2011), Morgan Dickman (2010),  Brad Omland (2009), Emilie Pirsig (2008)